Rainer Schrade's professional focus is the freehand shaping of glass using a gas burner.

Many of his works are a combination of glass fusing and the freehand shaping.

Gallerist becomes artist

Only a couple of months after having founded his glass gallery in West Berlin in 1984, Rainer himself started to produce unique glass jewelry. The Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany accredits him as freelance artist. In cooperation with Birgit Sänger he nowadays creates beautiful designed glass jewelry as unique pieces and small series.

Oceanic jewelry

Since 1996 Rainer Schrade loves to dive.

With a new developed technique, he is able to show maritime motifs in glass.


The "TIO-AQUA" series

This jewelry is made freehand with the gas burner using dichroic glass as well as opaque and transparent colored and clear glass.

Every piece is unique

It is impossible to create a piece of jewelry exactly the same way a second time.
Every pendant is one of a kind.
The measurements are approx. 2 x 2 x 1 cm.
A little eye of 925 sterling silver at the upper top of the pendant and a 40 cm necklace of stainless steel with a handy press-lock assure the right fit.

Maritime motifs

We offer motifs such as hammerhead sharks, dolphins, sharks, sea horses, turtles, mantas as well as divers, catamarans and many other motifs.

You would like to have the symbol of your club, coat of arms, emblem or anything as such made as jewelry? Conact us and we make it happen. Order and buy

The "OCEAN CUT" series

The material used for these unique pieces is dichroic glass, transparent and opaque colored and clear glass.
The lighting and shining effects are intensified by beveling and polishing the pieces after the production itself.
The resulting three-dimensional look is hard to photograph.

Noble metals are required

The pendants measure approx. 3 x 2 x 1 cm and have a solid eye made of 925 sterling silver.
The precious pendants ask for a silver necklace, which we supply by request.
Due to the increasing prices for silver, the costs of the necklace have to be calculated according to the rate of the day.

Underwater world

Here as well sharks, dolphins are bustling around. All of them are territorial.

Now and then you will see fishes in pairs.

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Dichroic and clear glasses are cut, stacked and heated in the melting furnace until they merge to one piece.

This production technique is called fusing.

Handmade in Germany

The pendants measure approx. 2 x 2cm oder 2,2 x 2,2 cm. At their back an eye made of tombac is attached.
The necklaces that go with it can be ordered with natural rubber, stainless steel or nylon. The necklaces and metals come without exception from German companies.

Your emblem in glass?

If you have own ideas and would like to have made e.g. your coat of arms, company logo or symbol of your club as glass jewelry, please contact us.

Order and buy

How to order? How expensive is the jewelry?

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This could be your VAT Reg. Number (DE xyz...) or your trade certificate.
After the receipt, we will give you access to our traders area.

Oceanic jewelry - Rainer Schrade


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